November 5, 2007

Prosciutto and figs panini

OK. This was my first experience with my new panini grill. I got two rolls of olive and cheese focaccia, some figs, Italian fontina cheese and baby arugula. I began with some slices of cheese on one half of each sliced focaccia bread, then prosciutto (about 3 paper-thin slices per roll), baby arugula just to add some green, some cheese again and finally two very very thin slices of fig. While I was doing that I plugged in the panini grill, I set it at medium temperature and then it just tells you when it's ready to cook. So, when the green light was on, I put the rolls on the grill and I closed it pressing the lid down on the panini. After about 5 minutes the cheese was melted and the panini were ready-to-eat.

The fontina cheese has a great nutty flavor with a yummy buttery texture, and when melted it's just heaven. It's sweeter than other cheeses, so it goes very well with the figs. Actually, it was a very good combination. The prosciutto added the saltiness and the baby arugula some great spicy taste. So, first experience and it was great!


2 rolls of focaccia bread sliced in half

4 ounces prosciutto
4 ounces fontina cheese
1 handful of baby arugula
1 fig thinly sliced


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