March 13, 2008

Simple penne rigate

Trust me. This recipe is extremely simple to make, but the result is amazing. I guarantee you’ll obtain a flawless sauce with all the creaminess you can find in a gourmet pasta sauce without the fuss.

1 lb penne rigate pasta
1½ cup shrimp, cleaned
2 cans tuna (6 oz each)
30 oz passata di pomodoro or tomato sauce
2 cups gorgonzola cheese

In a saucepan put the tomato sauce with the drained tuna and shrimp. Cook the sauce over medium heat. Cook the pasta. When the sauce is warm, add 1 cup of gorgonzola cheese and stir until it melts. The gorgonzola cheese is salty, so check the salt after you add it to the sauce and then season according to your taste. When the pasta is cooked al dente, drain and toss over the sauce. Give a quick stir and serve with 1 cup of crumbled gorgonzola cheese.

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