March 23, 2008

Amaretti Tiramisù

This is another variation on the traditional tiramisù, which is usually made using ladyfingers cookies. Again, as I did with my cantucci tiramisù, we'll use another type of Italian cookie just to give a sort of kick to the flavor. This time, we'll use amaretti cookies. Amaretti are made using (bitter) almonds and that's exactly the flavor you get in every bite. There are different kinds of amaretti cookies, but for this recipe we want to use amaretti di Saronno, which are dry and crunchy. Saronno is an Italian city from the North, in Lombardy. I guess you realized the name is like the most popular brand of amaretto liqueur (DiSaronno). Well, we'll be using amaretto liqueur here as well.

(serves 6)

About 40-50 amaretti cookies
8 oz mascarpone cheese
3 pasteurized eggs
1/2 cup + 2 tsp of sugar
1 cup of espresso
1 Tbsp amaretto liqueur
cocoa powder
pinch of salt

Basically, follow the same instructions as if you were making my cantucci tiramisù. The only difference is that you don't have to break the cookies because they are already small, and that in order to prepare the caffè corretto we'll use the amaretto liqueur. One great idea for serving is to use nice coffee cups. I use my cappuccino cups, so make about 3 layers with the mascarpone mixture, using about 3 or 4 moistened amaretti cookies between each layer.


Amaro in Italian means bitter. And bitter almonds are used to make amaretti cookies. And amaretti cookies are small and cute, so instead of amaro we use the diminutive form: amaretti or amarettini.

There are also amaretti di Sassello cookies. Sassello is also a city, and also in the North but this time near the sea, in Liguria next to Genoa. Amaretti di Sassello are soft and tender, and they are like Italian macaroons.
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