May 24, 2008

Exceptional 3 cheese pizza

I love cheese in all its forms. In this pizza I wanted to mix some of my favorite cheeses, so I chose three of them. And I chose 3 cheeses that, even with different general characteristics, have one common feature. First, slices of majestic taleggio. Taleggio is a buttery Italian cheese that luxuriously melts in your mouth (and while it melts indulging your palate you’ll forget its sharp aroma). French Brebis, a nutty 6-month-aged cheese made of sheep milk, from that region, partly in France, partly in Spain, but having in reality its own splendid individual identity: the Basque Country. And Ribafria, a Portuguese goat cheese with a thick tasty rind covered with crushed peppercorns. This cheese, which is aged for almost 2 months, will add a nice pungent touch to your pizza. Strong aromas, different origins (location and type), nutty and spicy flavors, tanginess, these all combine creating a unique blend for a very exceptional pizza.

So, cow, sheep and goat. Italy, France and Portugal. What’s the common feature present in these cheeses? Well, maybe you guessed it? They all have an edible rind.

Pizza dough (use half of one of these recipes)
5 oz Taleggio cheese
5 oz Ribafria cheese
5 oz Ossau-Iraty-Brebis-Pyrenées cheese

8 Tbsp tomato sauce
1 handful chives
Olive oil

Prepare the pizza dough according to one of my previous recipes. When the pizza is shaped, spread some passata di pomodoro or a simple tomato sauce on top. Add the cheeses, sliced. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 450F for 25 minutes until golden brown, then serve with a touch of chopped chives.

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