June 22, 2008

Caprese salad in technicolor

I don’t know if someday I’ll get use to the fact that in Québec you have to wait until mid-June in order to get local produce. In Italy, in June you have the impression you’re in the middle of summer. Despite the fact that here you have to wait until the beginning of summer to consume what in Italy you can get months before, the important thing is that local produce is finally here. And this includes tomatoes, in different shapes, flavors and colors! Have you noticed how pretty it is to mix tomatoes of different colors? Mixing traditional red tomatoes with yellow and orange ones, you can make an incredibly good-looking caprese salad!

Ripe red, yellow and orange tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella (use bocconcini for a twist)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Did you know that tomatoes were originally yellow? That’s why in Italian we use the word pomodoro, which means “golden apple”. However, some people believe that the Italian word comes from the French pomme d’amour (love apple) because French people were convinced that tomatoes possessed aphrodisiac capacities.

The only problem with this pretty version of caprese salad is that you won’t have only the colors of the Italian flag.

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