October 12, 2009

Leftover turkey Panini

The perfect ending for Thanksgiving!

Ingredients (2 panini)
1 medium loaf whole wheat bread
4 slices cooked turkey breast
4 slices provolone cheese
Pesto mayo (3 Tbsp mayo + 1 Tbsp pesto)
Cranberry sauce for dipping

Choose a nice and crunchy whole wheat bread. I chose one with cereals, walnuts and raisins. Cut the bread in half and then open it. Spread some pesto mayonnaise on both sides of the bread. Fill your sandwich with sliced turkey breast and provolone cheese. Set some leftover cranberry sauce in a small plate for dipping your sandwich into! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

Warm up the turkey. By doing so you’ll activate the fabulous pesto aroma. Or heat the whole sandwich in the oven or in a panini grill until the cheese melts.

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